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Papers and Presentations

Worldwide Distributed Production Prototyping Hard- and Soft-proofing: Technological Downfalls and Possibilities, with C. Schowalter, presentation given at PIA Color Management Conference, Scottsdale, AZ, 12/2/12

Extended-Gamut Printing: Pointers for Brand Owners and Printers, presentation given at Color 15 (PIA Color Conference), Phoenix, AZ, 12/4/15

Process Control for Digital Presses, presentation given at Color 16 (PIA Color Conference), Phoenix, AZ, 12/7/16

Measuring CMYK Halftones: The Case For Spot Color Tone Value Formula, TAGA Journal of Graphic Technology, 2018. Presentation given at TAGA conference, Baltimore, MD, 3/19/18

The State of the Art in Extended-Gamut Printing (Part I), article published on johnthemathguy.blogspot.com, 8/28/18.

Extended-Gamut Update: Remaining Challenges, Neglected Opportunities, presentation given at Color 19, San Diego, CA, 1/14/19 (Revised presentation from Print 18, Chicago, 10/1/18)

Golden Masters and Color Spaces; Rethinking the Packaging Workflowpresentation given at Color 19, San Diego, CA, 1/13/20

Color Servers: The Quest for Consistent and Predictable Color, presentation given for the IDEAlliance BrandQ® webinar series, 5/15/20

Color Control for Digital Printing (video download), presented with Dietmar Fuchs, Product Manager, ColorLogic GmbH, 9/30/20








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